Оранжевый воды

I don’t really have the time to log in here and look at everything currently, and I sort of hate Tumblr anyway…


See you in a few months. :)


Walk Into School On The 1st Day Like..




Please, PLEASE stay safe tonight if you are in Louisville.

Even if this started off as a prank, real shit is actually happening. And it’s only been a few hours. Keep the citizens and police officers in your thoughts, send them good vibes or prayers, whatever it is you do. Literally every single minute there is a new report coming in, whether it’s fake or not, and they are busting their asses to make sure nothing happens.

And listening to the police scanner is scary, so if you can’t handle hearing that they just saw a group of men in white face paint were spotted near something on fire or another masked group were caring large knives walking down the road, please don’t DL the app.

Please stay safe, everyone.


Oh my god why is this happening?

Anyone who is in Louisville, stay safe, please!




Ashley Wood - MGS Cyberninja

I lose my appetite if…

A) I am really sad.
B) I am really sick.
C) I am sick of eating the same foods over and over and that is all that is available.

In my current situation, I am met with both B and C from above.

So….. I am in the mood for grilled cheese sandwiches, but I can’t heat them up. Why? According to my mom, she can smell things that I cook if she is sleeping and it will wake her up. If I were to do so anyway, she would get mad. Don’t ask me, I think that’s really fucking weird, too.

SOOOOO……… I am eating cold cheese on cold bread. Not even kidding. Sounds appetizing, ja?

The greatest thing just happened to me. :)

It’s very flattering when professional photographers want to take photos of me but not when they are pornographic or shirtless……………………

Can I get normal inquiries for once? :(


Kanto Legendaries.

Kanto - Johto - Hoenn - Sinnoh - Unova - Kalos